Below is a clip of artist David Livingston bringing his 6-foot-long absurdist work of art into the New Museum, where he remains for about 30 seconds before being kicked out—even though this might be a great addition to the Koons-curated Skin Fruit exhibit currently taking place there. Maybe he should try squeezing through the naked people with it at MoMA?

When Bowery Boogie asked him about the project, he said, "I find its childish humor appealing, and I am fascinated by my sudden transformation from anonymous pedestrian to attention-grabbing street performer." The "Big Dick" (as he calls it) has also visited the Stock Exchange and dared enter stroller territory in Park Slope. Yikes.

Livingston told us this morning that the New Museum was the first time he'd been kicked out of a place, however, adding: "I was disappointed that I didn't get to look at any art with the dick on. I feel no animosity towards the guard who asked me to leave. He was doing his job. I'm annoyed that I actually purchased a ticket... they charged me $8. That seems a bit steep for a student." When we asked the New Museum what they had against a little pink felt and sofa upholstery, they simply told us: "We support freedom of expression!"

UPDATE: A rep for the museum has now added, "it is my understanding that the guest would have needed to coat check the item."