Gothamist's heart broke a little when we read the NY Times interview with new redesigned MoMA (New, With More Art Watching Power!) architect, Yoshio Taniguchi:

Now, in a sense, the museum is moving on without him, Mr. Taniguchi said, and he will miss the project. "We don't have any children," he said of his marriage. "So this is like my daughter."

"They made me an honorary trustee," he added, "so I can watch how my daughter will grow."

Some people have kids, some people have cats, some people have buildings. This brings up the inevitable question: Do architects have favorite buildings? Are there the so-called "red-headed stepchildren" of architects' portfolios, as well as black sheep and illegitimate children?

The photograph above is from Indiewire's Eugene Hernandez who visited the new MoMA during the media preview and has pictures. Gothamist liked his picture of the new MoMA's facade, with a cab speeding by and the FreeMoma protester (he's wearing a sandwich board).