A nightclub for dogs? To quoth Marge Simpson: Whatever! According to newly launched iPad-mostly The Daily, a doggie disco has opened in Manhattan, which they describe as a late night haven for partying pups and their owners. The Fetch Club will serve your pooches, too—but what's on tap? A Sauvignon Bark, made of chicken broth and potatoes, or maybe your dog would prefer a Happy Tale Ale (which is beef flavored and part of the club's "bowl service"). And doesn't this sound fun!:

At last week’s grand opening, house music throbbed as overstimulated dogs romped under pulsing disco lights. The dance floor is sprinkled with sand to make it less slippery, and wet/dry vacs are poised to make “accidents” disappear.

Each dog is charged a $25 cover, but that sure beats a night home alone, right Nina? The 23-year-old says, “A lot of nights I just end up staying home and drinking wine because I don’t want to leave my Maltese alone. Now we can come here and be social.” The owner of the club acknowledges his establishment may not cater to every dog, but will attract those who seek "the urban canine lifestyle.”