Did that New Jersey storefront on the Upper West Side get you across the Hudson to check out some foliage? The NY Times reports from the state's temporary Manhattan outpost (which is still up and running), saying that it's not about competition or stealing Manhattanites away (was that really ever a fear?).

Brian Thompson, 22-year-old ambassador at the store, has been bragging, however. He says New Jersey has things that Manhattan can't offer; "things like birding, wildlife trails, lighthouses, places for canoeing and kayaking and Jenkinson’s Aquarium on the Point Pleasant Beach Boardwalk, which is not far from the Shark River in Belmar, where Captain Kidd’s treasure is rumored to be buried." Oh, Brian, don't you know that people won't even go to Jersey to get laid?

There was some New York support, however. One 14-year-old girl told the paper: "I love shopping for clothes in New Jersey."