Awkward moments in advertising.

Do you like to rock the saggy pant style but are worried that you'll end up flashing someone, or worse, experiencing unwanted skin-to-subway-seat contact? Well fear not, low riding pant wearers, a new denim company based out of New Jersey is here to save the day.

Sagz was started by three brothers out of Newark, whose goal was to create jeans with the boxers built in. They explain on their website, "Our patented concept consists of high-quality jeans that sag naturally. Consumers can 'sag' their jeans at different levels without having to constantly pull up their pants, resulting in more time to be active, express themselves and show their SWAG." The full Sagz package starts at around $85.

Anti-sag campaigns have been rampant over the past year, with one Harlem man even creating "a mashed-up device that is half garter belt, half suspenders, which regulate how low-slung your pants will sag." But it remains to be seen if true "saggers" will adopt any of this new technology—personally, they strike us as purists.

[via NYDN]