A lot of people were delighted last month to learn that one can command Google to perform the internet equivalent of stupid pet tricks. And it seems that Google has added a new easter egg for the holiday season: "let it snow."

If you type "let it snow" into your google search bar, snow will start falling on your screen; you can use your mouse to clear away sections of the snow as it accumulates (it gets pretty hard to read if you let it go for awhile). You can also "defrost" all the snow at a certain point. Go ahead and try it out. We really hope this is just a precursor to a "Winter Is Coming" easter egg (perhaps involving Stupid Ned Stark?).

Some other "classic" Google tricks include performing a barrel roll (type in "do a barrel roll" or "z or r twice"), tilting the screen (type in "askew" or "tilt"), Google gravity (type it in and press "I'm Feeling Lucky"), and more ("anagram," "recursion," "Google Pig Latin"). The full list is here.