Courtesy of Hanksy

While the city is following the a trail of bread crumbs Banksy is dropping daily, New York street artist and pun master Hanksy has put up some new pieces on the Lower East Side and Brooklyn, and one is a tribute to the late great James Gandolfini. The above piece, at the corner of Orchard and Grand Street, is called Gandalfini, and is a combination of the actor and Gandalf from Lord Of The Rings. We asked him if he had any other ideas for a James Gandolfini piece that got left on the cutting room floor, but it seems it was Gandalfini the whole time—Hanksy told us, "My tagline was 'one bada bing to rule them all.'"

He also put this down by a busted up bike in Brooklyn. Is there a punny Omar-esque rival to bomb it?