From Deena Nicole Cortese's MySpace profile

In April, MTV headed to the Crazy Donkey in Farmingdale to find a new cast member for Jersey Shore, but they turned up empty handed after the auditions. Snooki to the rescue! She presumably gave her pal Deena Nicole Cortese an "in" by introducing her to the producers of the show, and now she's set to be a part of the cast for the 3rd season (though isn't yet considered an official cast member).

Cortese is actually from New Jersey (this one's all on you, Chris Christie), and describes herself as "fucking classy." The 23-year old graduated from high school in 2005, and then attended Brookdale Community College where she honed her cheerleading skills, according to the NY Post.

Since word has gotten out that she's been cast on the show, she's taken her MySpace profile down (which may have something to do with that video where she drops the N-bomb)—but that's nothing a little cache can't fix! On it we learn that Deena (nickname: Dee) fancies herself "addictive and expensive like cocaine!" She also says, "I'm loud.. Crazy.. Random and at times Corkyy and loveeeee to laughh its kinda my best thingg" [sic]. And because of society's never-ending fascination with reality television, this one will now be "laughh"ing her way to the bank.