2005_06_comcast.jpgWow, if you're Freedom Tower architect David Childs, you can just never win. When he redesigned Freedom Tower, not only did people hate the design, a Yale architecture student claimed Childs stole his design. And now, after unveiling his latest, critically panned Freedom Tower design, Childs may have taken ideas from well-known architect (and dean of the Yale School of Architecture) Robert A.M. Stern! Stern told the Post "tersely," "I'm aware of the resemblance and I'm surprised and flattered" - referring to one of his initial designs for the Comcast Center in Philadelphia (a drawing of the final building is at right) which has a "square base whose corners cut away as the building rises, forming an octagonal floor plan through the middle of the tower." The designs were included in Stern's monograph, but a spokeswoman for Childs said, "I don't think we have any comment. I can say with almost 100 percent certainty that David Childs has never seen this design." Because big-name architects probably don't pay attention to what other big-name architects are doing, right?

Stern has worked on some books about New York architecture and urbanism with Thomas Mellins for Taschen. If anyone has read them, let Gothamist know if they are good; they look good.