2008_02_superbowldvd.jpgIf you can't get enough of the Giants winning Super Bowl XLII, we've got some good news for you...the Super Bowl XLII DVD is out today!

While the DVD has a runtime of nearly three hours, it doesn't contain the whole game. What you do get from the DVD is a recap of the entire Giants season, culminating with highlights from the Super Bowl (without Joe Buck, if that's how you like it).

The DVD also features highlights from the playoffs, profiles on Michael Strahan, Tom Coughlin, Eli Manning, and Mathias Kiwanuka, footage from the halftime show and from media day. However, one fan-Amazon commenter who saw the DVD laments, "I REALLY wish they had included footage of Tom Brady laughing about Plaxico's '17 points' prediction. Hey Tom: you done got punched in the mouth."

So if you have the game recorded on your DVR or on tape, don't delete it. The New York Giants Championship DVD can't replace it. What the DVD can do is allow any Giants fan to relive the Championship season. And you can get it gift wrapped.