This was inevitable. One, from the sounds of it—very enthusiastic, local has taken her love for the city, and her lookin' for love attitude, and combined it all with the newly launched Key to the City project. And the 26-year-old, Lauren Burke, is now documenting it all over at her “Key 2 The City, Key 2 My Heart: Searching for Love One Lock at a Time" blog.

Burke is determined to visit all 24 locations in Creative Time's scavenger hunt-esque project, which allows key holders to open doors to usually inaccessible places throughout the five boroughs, and with each journey she'll take a new date. She took the NY Times along on one of them this past Sunday, where their destination was the Conference House Park in Tottenville, a Revolutionary War site. (Spoiler alert: the key opens a padlocked space under the pavilion, which houses fish skeletons and empty beer cans. Romantic!)

She's just finished documenting date number 6, and as the Times points out, 3 have had various press outlets tagging along. Maybe you could be lucky number 7?