Susan Sarandon at the Maloof Money Cup With Lil' Jon

This weekend's Maloof Money Cup skateboarding competition brought a new skate park to Flushing Meadows-Corona Park in Queens. The winner of the $100,000 prize, Chris Cole, told the NY Times, “There’s a lot of different options here for kids to find a lot of fun. It’s not your standard skate spot where it’s back and forth.”

Indeed, the inspiration for the design was NYC itself, and obstacles that can be found on the streets of all five boroughs make up the new course, which was funded by brothers Joe and Gavin Maloof through the city's Adopt-a-Park program. As part of the Maloof Money Cup festivities this past weekend, Columbia University urban planning grad Preeti Sodhi (his thesis was on skate parks and public spaces, making him a natural to consult with the Parks Department on future skate parks) planted 134 flags at the city’s past and present major skateboarding spots on the Queens Museum of Art's panorama, which is just a stone's throw away from the new course.

You can check out the pros showing off their tricks in this gallery and video from ESPN. Billy Rohan, another man behind getting more manmade parks out there, told the paper, “Then not only kids in New York City, but people from California will come to New York from April to October for this sort of skate mecca in the United States." But what we want to know is: is Susan Sarandon so over ping pong champions?