2005_12_chappelle.jpgVariety (subscription required, sadly) reports that the new Chapelle's Show segments that were meant to be for season three (you know, the season that was supposed to air earlier this year, only to crumble amidst production delays, rumors of a mental hospital stay, and Chappelle in South Africa) will be shown online first (on the Motherload) and then on cable in 2006. And Comedy Central is calling it season three. At a taping of Last Laugh '05, Comedy Central apparently showed a preview of "what it will air as part of season three, which included send-ups of MTV skein 'Cribs' and the Morgan Spurlock docudocu 'Super Size Me.'" Will the rest of season three be old Chappelle's Show, while funny, but totally warmed over since we've seen it a million times at this point? Whatever, Gothamist will take whatever we can get.

It's unclear when the clips will go up online. And Dave Chappelle's Block Party looks like it will be released next March.