Last week, Bob Dylan turned 71-years-old, and we celebrated with Dylan Week, a celebration of all things Robert Zimmerman. Now we bring exciting news: Dylan's newest album is done, and will be coming out this year!

According to Dylan magazine Isis, the album will contain 10 tracks and is 68 minutes long, and will most likely be released in September. David Hidalgo previously revealed he recorded accordion, guitar, and some "Mexican instruments" on the album (including tres). Most excitingly, the album is rumored to include a 9-minute long song, AND a 14-minute long song either about or named "Titanic."

ISIS received information about a 14-minute Titanic song before this rumour was carried on the Internet. It is, however, our policy not to publish such rumours until we get some form of independent confirmation. This has now been forthcoming.

So we think that means it's confirmed. Music writer and Dylanologist Michael Gray (who published The Bob Dylan Encyclopedia in 2006) also has written about the song: "My sources suggest that the forthcoming Bob Dylan album may well include a song about the Titanic: a song that is about 14 minutes long." Dylan has mentioned the Titanic before in "Desolation Row:" "Praise be to Nero's Neptune/The Titanic sails at dawn/and everybody's shouting/'Which side are you on?'"

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