This weekend we tested the new blue Gothamist ringer t-shirts and they are wonderfully comfortable (just like the red ones!). American Apparel shirts are typically 100% cotton, but these ringer tees are 70% cotton and 30% poly, which gives it a nice stretch. And they are still very soft. Gothamist is also looking into some additional sizes (probably men's L and XL) as well as other styles for next season. Let us know what you'd like in terms of Gothamist clothing (sizes, styles) in the comments section and we'll see what we can do.

You can order shirts; and here's another another view. And remember, if you have a Gothamist t–shirt, send a picture of yourself in it to tiny factory and they'll post it on their site.

Also check out other tiny factory t-shirts; they have new shirts, like one that says "my best friend [image of TV]." HOT and so very, very true.