This post is brought to you by HouseTab.


Nothing makes New Yorkers happier than killing multiple birds with one stone. When those birds are the bar, restaurant and dating scene and the stone is your fingertips, then you're really speaking their language.

Enter HouseTab: An application that combines the convenience of mobile payments with a massive social twist, allowing users to 1) never take their credit card out again, 2) meet new people, and 3) send drinks anytime and from anywhere.

Think Uber meets Tinder for the bars. Or, U-Bar, if you want an awesome made up word. In other words, HouseTab is the newest thing New Yorkers need to guarantee a seamless night out.

Here are the five reasons why:

1. It's a Time Saver
If New York appreciates anything, it’s efficiency. With HouseTab, you can walk out of a bar just as quickly as you walked into it. No more flagging down a waiter for your check. Your credit card is already programmed in the app, so when you’re ready to leave, just get up and go.

2. It's In-the-Know
HouseTab doesn’t just close your tab, it keeps tabs on others. The home screen acts as your feed to see which bars people are frequenting, who’s sending who drinks, and who “Buddies Up”. Receive alerts when friends check-into a bar so you can immediately send them a drink.

3. It's the Ultimate Wingman
Just like a dating app, everyone on HouseTab has a profile with a relationship status. Swipe between who else is at the bar, message them — and the best part: send drinks to your favorites directly through the app. Talk about the ultimate ice breaker.

4. It's a Lifesaver
You know when your friend’s birthday creeps up on you and you haven’t gotten them, well, anything? HouseTab sends alerts when birthdays are looming. One click and you’re able to send a round of drinks and a message for the occasion. No matter where you are, you can always do the classy thing. Become a better friend instantly.

5. It's Accommodating
Not sure where to go next? HouseTab automatically geo-locates the closest bars around you. If it’s too far to walk, HouseTab will not only alert you to this, but automatically let you snag an Uber right from the app. This also proves helpful when you’re trying to impress the guy or girl you just sent a drink, too. A car waiting outside never hurt anyone’s chances.

New York's savviest residents are quickly picking up the only app they can’t leave home without. In fact, they’re likely sending (or receiving!) a drink to/from someone they met out right at this very moment. The faster you join in on the fun, the faster you can start doing the same. Or if nothing else, at least always know where your credit card is at the end of the night.

Give it a try—and let the games begin.

HouseTab is available for iPhone.