2006_07_adeleklimt.jpgWhat does a $135 million Klimt buy you? The ability to charge $50 for admission to see it, apparently. The Neue Galerie, the tiny, gorgeous Fifth Avenue museum, received the $135 million painting as a gift from Ronald Lauder, and has been earning rave reviews from critics for the gilded Klimt painting, Adele Bloch-Bauer I. And now, it is putting a $50 price tag on the chance to see her on the gallery's usual closed day - Wednesday, as it rides a publicity wave. The Neue explained the price hike using the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which announced it was raising the suggested general admission to $20 last week, as an example, noting the Met's $50 admission on Mondays for special exhibits. We're trying to think of people who would pay $50 on Wednesday while they could pay $15 on other days, but we suppose those people might be scholars, tourists with a Klimt hankering, and those who can use a write-off.

Will you be headed to the Neue? We highly recommend the cafe, Cafe Sabarsky for its goulash and yummy yummy tortes. And seeing Adele Bloch-Bauer I (along with four other Klimts on loan) is so hot, the Neue's brochure was even on eBay.