It seems that the networks want to take a page from the HBO playbook and run shorter flights of series, say a 13 week series that runs without repeats, vs. the traditional 22-24 week series stretched out over much longer 30+ weeks. ABC will roll out the 13 week Stephen King series, Kingdom Hospital, and Fox points to its success with The O.C.'s debut in the summer. What we get to look forward to: More dramas and reality shows built on this short burst strategy (hello, Apprentice).

When Gothamist first read this, we thought, "Great, but how about just developing programs that are good, overall?" Of course, the argument isn't as simplistic as that (there are other variables of production and talent costs, amoritization, likelihood to capture the largest share of audience or target demographic...) but when it comes down to it, network executives picking shows that are not solely driven by achieving a cookie cutter formula would be a step up. There's a reason why we didn't watch Coupling, Jeff Zucker.