It has begun-eth: Both ABC and NBC are moving to make mini-series about the "events leading up to" the September 11 attacks, thanks to the 9/11 Commission's detailed for-the-public-record account of what happened. Nothing like using thorough public records (think free material!) plus about 3-4 years of "emotional distance" from the attacks to get the networks thinking about their sweeps plans for 2005-2006. Already, producers are saying the mini-series will be like Roots or The Day After in scope. Gothamist can foresee protests from all around, attempts by producers to engage various victims' families and survivor groups in the process, repeated statements about "not exploiting but remembering," TV production vehicles downtown, and lots of buzz. We're not sure how we feel about this yet (it almost seems besides the point in a way) but we understand that it's possible for complicated, epic stories to be grippingly translated - we just worry September 11 movies will leave an even worse taste in our mouths.

Some sort of TV show about September 11 was inevitable (where's that September 11 romantic comedy that was talked about, where two widows meet cute?); a drama , but we can hope it dies at the pilot stage, unless it's pitched by David Lynch. Read the 9/11 Commission Report at the 9/11 Commission website.