The Brooklyn Nets are a terrible basketball team this season, which means many casual fans need to find reasons outside of basketball to venture to Barclays Center (unless, say, the Golden State Warriors are in town). And the organization has come up with a pretty good one for Monday: "In a galaxy not so far away (BROOKLYN!), the Nets will host a Star Wars night on Monday, December 14," the press release reads, in case anyone was confused about which borough the Nets play in.

The first 10,000 fans who willingly agree to pay to watch the Nets play the ever-so-slightly better Orlando Magic will receive a Brook Lopez "Jedi Brook" bobblehead, which features the 7-foot center with a lightsaber in hand. Fans sitting in certain sections will receive a set of Star Wars cheer sticks emblazoned with lightsabers. During the game, the Brooklynettes will perform a special Star Wars routine at center court; there will be a preview of the new film shown on the big screen, and "familiar music and sound effects from Star Wars will be incorporated during the game" so you don't fall asleep or accidentally pay too much attention to their Dada-like moves.

Also, because people must be kept entertained every second the basketball is not being dribbled or dunked, "characters from the renowned movie franchise will roam the concourse, including Darth Vader, R2D2, Storm Troopers, Bounty Hunters, and more."

In case you were wondering why Brook Lopez is getting his own Star Wars bobblehead and no one else, it's because he's a wheeeeeee bit obsessed with the films. "Oh I can't count," Lopez responded in this video when asked how many times he's seen Star Wars. "I can't count, hundreds."

For the better part of a year, Lopez has been publicly campaigning to play a Wookie in one of the new films. And though he's gotten the bobblehead and done interviews with, his dream still hasn't come true. As he says in the latest video interview: "I'd love to be in a new Star Wars movie, and the thing is, I just want to be a background character in it for two seconds. I could be a Wookie! No one has to show my face, no one has to know I'm in it, it doesn't have to be publicized, I really just like want to be a part of it, I wouldn't tell anyone, i just want to know for myself that I'm in it."

You can see a video of Lopez playing with his bobblehead here. You can purchase tickets to the game here.