Netflix's beautiful, perfect, and mysterious show The OA—which was created by Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij—will be getting a second season, which they're calling Part II. The announcement was made at a Netflix event this morning, and the second season will be a continuation of the first, though it's still unclear what direction we'll be taken in: the past, the future, some other dimension, all of the above?

In a Facebook Live interview with Vulture, Brit Marling discussed the announcement:

"We always thought of it as, almost like, books, and there could be many different volumes. The first part is a story of a young woman who's traumatized and meets these [people] who are suffering from their own trauma, and she tells them this story, and in doing so gives them something that allows them to face their own moment of crisis at the end. So in some ways that is a self-contained story, but the more science-fiction, metaphysical threads are open-ended. So there can be a Part II, and we can delve into those spaces."

The ending (no spoilers here) of the first part of the series wasn't well received by everyone, but it worked for me, and if this very vague teaser is any indication, we'll be picking up from some time after that scene. In it, you hear Nina/Prairie/The OA saying Homer's name:

The OA hit Netflix in December 2016, and you can watch it here.