You know that scene in Swingers where Mike keeps calling that girl and leaving messages on her answering machine, and it's just really painful to watch? And even he knows that with each message he's just f*cking this whole thing up, even if he's really just trying to make it better? And you're watching it all, screaming, "Just hang up and never speak to anyone again!" In our world, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is Mike, and we, America, are the girl.

In his latest message, Hastings says that Netflix is now abandoning the whole Qwikster thing, which was announced just last month. The service would have separated their streaming service from their DVD-by-mail service, forcing customers to go to two separate sites. The services will now stay together under the one Netflix site (with customers still paying more for each), and the company spokesman explained to the NY Times, “We underestimated the appeal of the single web site and a single service. We greatly underestimated it.”

Hastings is currently declining interviews, but admitted in a statement that the company was "moving too fast" with the changes. What do you think his next message will say? Cause you know it's coming...

Just don't screw up Arrested Development if you get it, Hastings.