Well, this terrible and suspiciously cool summer has come to a sputtering end. And so too, sadly, has the streaming availability of dozens of Netflix titles, some of them snatched from us far too soon. Wicker Park, we hardly knew thee! Life [lived primarily through pixellated humans and creatures on a 15" computer is screen] is cruel indeed.

This month we're losing 100 titles, including Dirty Dancing, Capote, Can't Hardly Wait, Harriet The Spy and The Fisher King. Here's the full list:

A Beginner's Guide to Endings
A Slipping Down Life
About Last Night...
Ali G Indahouse
At the Earth's Core
Azur and Asmar: The Princes' Quest
Baby Shower
Before the World Ends
Beyond the Grave
Black Mama, White Mama
Blood Runs Cold
Blood: The Last Vampire
Born Romantic
Can't Hardly Wait
Candyman 2: Farewell to the Flesh
Captains of the Sand
Charley Varrick
Dirty Dancing
Doctor Doolittle (1967)
Double Jeopardy
El Dorado
Emma Smith: My Story
End of the Road
Failure to Launch
Fool for Love
Forbidden to Forbid
Fordson: Faith, Fasting, Football
Foreign Letters
Game of Death
Genius Within: The Inner Life of Glenn Gould
Great Decisions in Foreign Policy
H.O.T. Human Organ Traffic
Harriet the Spy
Harsh Times
How to Lose Friends & Alienate People
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
Island of Grace
Just One of the Guys
Kingdom of War: Part 1
Kingdom of War: Part 2
Lord of Illusions
Lust, Caution
Midnight Express
My Summer of Love
Never Back Down
O.C. and Stiggs
Panic Room
Perpetuum Mobile
Return to the Blue Lagoon
S.W.A.T.: Fire Fight
Something's Gotta Give
Star Trek: First Contact
Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Star Trek: The Voyage Home
Stir Crazy
Sweet Evil
Tees Maar Khan
The Apartment
The Bad Intentions
The Captains
The Case for Israel: Democracy's Outpost
The Daniel Project
The Eiger Sanction
The Eleventh Hour
The Fisher King
The Four Year Plan
The Haunting
The Long Goodbye
The Mummy
The People Under the Stairs
The Samba Poet
The Servant: The Untold Story of Bang-Ja
The Seven Year Itch
The Tree
Thieves Like Us
Under Fire: Journalists in Combat
Unstable Fables: Goldilocks and the 3 Bears
Vertical Limit
Vincent & Theo
What About Bob?
Who Killed the White Lama?
Wicker Park
William Shatner's Get a Life!
World of the Dead: The Zombie Diaries 2
WWE: The Top 25 Rivalries in Wrestling History
Yobi, the Five-Tailed Fox

But where there streams darkness, there also streams light—Netflix is gifting us with a number of new titles come September 1st, including School of Rock, Cool Runnings and Jay and Silent Bob's Super Groovy Cartoon Movie, which is a movie that apparently happened and I inexplicably missed. They're also adding two Robin Williams films, Good Morning, Vietnam (great!) and Flubber (less great), and later on in September, we'll get a few titles like A Single Man and Silver Linings Playbook. Here's the list:

A Simple Plan
Californication: Seasons 1-7
Chasing UFOs
Cool Runnings
Crocodile Dundee
Doomsday Preppers
Girl Rising
Good Morning, Vietnam
Guess Who
Jay and Silent Bob's Super Groovy Cartoon Movie
Lords of Dogtown
Mirage Men
School of Rock
Small Apartments
Swiss Family Robinson
The Believers
The Blue Lagoon
The Unbelievers
Unsealed: Alien Files
Zero Hour

Oh but there's more—Netflix, knowing that some of us subsist entirely on 20-minute pockets of character study, will stream 2013-'14 seasons of shows like Parks & Recreation, New Girl, The League and The Walking Dead next month, so huzzah! It won't be so lonely when the leaves fall, after all.