Your commute isn't getting any easier, what with New York's swelling population combined with years of kicking the can down the road to pretend like the city and state didn't need to increase transit funding years ago. Never mind that old fight though, it'll just make you mad, like when you watch a packed train pull into the station with no room for you. But now at least you've got a new way to kill time with all the other haters and losers waiting for the next train, or when you're stuck between stations because of train traffic ahead of you: watching Netflix shows you've downloaded onto your phone.

Yes, like Spotify before it, Netflix is introducing an offline mode for its subscribers. Now if you don't have service because you're stuck underground or in the desert for some reason (look, I don't know your life), you can still shove the narcotizing wonder of Netflix into your eyeballs.

To get offline mode, just download the newest version of the Netflix app, or update the version of it that you already have. Also make sure you're connected to wi-fi before you download a movie or TV show, unless you're just made of money to pay for data. Oh and please for the love of God watch with some fucking headphones if you're doing this on the subway. Or at least bring a mini-projector to share all the wonderful content with everyone.