The Loch Ness monster, who has been tagging the city, has been in a marsh in Brooklyn for over a month. A note to New York's mythical creature coterie, you only have through December 31st to catch Nessie so close to home.


The serpent has made the salt marsh off of Marine Park homebase ever since Ridgewood artist Cameron Gainer placed his creation there at the end of October. Using boats and divers at high tide on Halloween, the piece was partially submerged 120-feet off shore -- and the myth became a reality. This version of Nessie is a 12 ½-foot tall replica based off the iconic image taken by Robert Kenneth Wilson in 1934 (later revealed to be a hoax). Weighing in at 600-lbs, it's made from fiberglass, aluminum and foam -- and we're betting it has frightened some unaware passer-by over the past month. Personally, we're hoping to see some holiday flare added to the beast before it becomes land-bound (A red nose? Anters? Some twinkly lights?)

Photo via PhotoJeff's Flickr.