Did nothing interesting at all happen at the Tonys last night? Because all we're hearing about is how Neil Patrick Harris said a word that to some people sounded like the N-word even though it wasn't. BREAKING NEWS DRUDGE SIREN ALERT. The moment some are scrutinizing can be seen below, when NPH sings alongside Mike Tyson in his stellar opening performance, belting out the words: "And make things bigger, like bigger. I'm here with Iron Mike Tyson he's a heavyweight yo. We're going bigger, the night is bigger."

Even though the lyrics are very clear, outlets like the the Daily Mail and TMZ are wondering if he said: "We're going bigger, is I his n***a'." NPH has Tweeted in response, "Really, Daily Mail?!? The N-word? That’s your story?!? I would NEVER be so disrespectful and frankly, neither should you."

A representative for the actor notes that "he said 'bigger' many times." So can we just focus on the real issue here: where do we stand on rhyming the same words?