0808diamondtrain.jpgNeil Diamond riding the subway shouldn't be too surprising, since he was born and raised in New York, but the crooner is sort of a "big deal" -- so it's nice to see he's still swiping his Metrocard like the rest of us. One fan spotted him Wednesday around 2 p.m. on the N train and reports back, "I was coming from my office on 37th and 5th to take the subway to Union Square...the trains weren't so crowded...I saw a camera crew, and I saw Neil, and my heart leapt!." Alright, so maybe he only goes underground these days when he's got security and a camera crew with him, but the fan said he was quite a gentleman when approached about his show the previous night. He was reportedly talking to a British film crew about his Brooklyn days. [via Urban Prankster]