phpKSkFD7AM.jpgHeads up Black Sheep, your neighbors want you to STFU! The Brooklynian message board was abuzz about the Bergen Street bar yesterday when a local said they had to put up with "bad classic rock at full volume" until well after 2:30 a.m. on Monday night. A reasonable complaint – no one deserves to have their dreams invaded by the musical stylings of Foghat – but then the bad advice came rolling in: "While the noise is occurring, call 911." A second sage declared that late at night "is no time for you to worry about whether you're being inconsiderate by calling the authorities." That's the path that one local took when going up against Union Hall earlier this year (he lost), so using resources like 911 for complaints like that isn't always advised--hello, Reginald Peterson. Instead call 311 and try talking to the bar owner.