applesoho0808.jpgThe Apple store in SoHO has become a magnet for lines, whether it's for the new iPhone or a big act performing in their intimate space. Seems the SoHo Alliance isn't happy with the company congesting its sidewalks, and the NY Sun reports that "the last straw came when thousands of teenage girls poured onto the streets en route to an in-store Jonas Brothers concert." Amongst the list of complaints were screaming teens, blocked traffic, and allegedly one resident was injured in a "crush." On any normal day their complaint list includes: "Apple employees lounging, eating, smoking, littering — in effect, trespassing — on nearby people's stoops." The Alliance has written a letter to elected officials airing their complaints, and they believe the store's performances are violating zoning laws. In the end, they want the "irresponsible" corporation to, you know, simply end sidewalk congestion. Time for the Apple geniuses to start an urban planning committee?