Snooki in Italy before the crash. (AP)

Another day, another pissed off Italian speaking out against the cast of Jersey Shore, who are currently filming in Florence despite displeasure from pretty much everyone around them.

Yesterday, Snooki was taken into custody following a (whoopsy-daisy!) car crash into a police vehicle, and today pictures emerged of the star (who, it must be noted, is looking rather svelte these days) shooting scenes decked out in a neck brace, which came off rather quickly. To top it all off, good old Italian-American advocacy group UNICO's president said, "She is our worst ever export and is an embarrassment for Italian Americans and our whole country.” Don't hold back now!

When will Snooks & Co. be allowed to savor the fine culture and cuisine of their homeland? Seems some natives are warming to the cast— they've somehow gotten the Italian edition Vanity Fair on their side, so anything is possible.