I'm not sure why anyone is complaining about missing the good old Bad Old Days of New York City, when they are very clearly being preserved in the present day. Take Mars Bar for example—the beloved dive bar is alive and well inside of this Times Square hotel, where the penthouse suite features a large mural of the former First Avenue watering hole.

The room costs around $500/night, which used to get you about a year of drinking your liver rotten in the bar, but it's totally worth it. Why? I don't know, do YOU have access to a full color mural of this stinky old bar that shut down years ago? No. But this hotel does. And you can stare at it for as long as you want before you enter your bland hotel room. Manufactured nostalgia is a hell of drug.

Sure, there's not much of a crossover audience here—the people who stay in Times Square hotel rooms are not the people who pissed on the floor with a beer in hand at Mars Bar, but the former people don't need to know about Gary, okay? They only need to know that they are staying in the "cool" Times Square hotel which pays homage to some former NYC iconic spot. Fine, they never heard of it, but why else would there be a mural of this place? Only legends get murals. But I don't know, I think what the top floor of this hotel really needs is a TD Bank. Now that's authentic NYC! [h/t EV Grieve]