The Occupy LEGO Land set has been evolving in Zuccotti Park for about a month now (during which time they've even occupied DC), prominently displayed with a sign that reads: "LEGOs are expensive, Help Us Grow!" The model is a little microcosm of the movement, and a much more playful one, of course. You can follow along with their progress at Legotti Park on Twitter and Facebook, where they declare:

With all of the angst currently going on in the USA and the world, attention must also be brought to the people of Lego Land. Lego Land has one of the smallest per-capita incomes on earth. LEGO Land people are practically slaves. When building structures, the smallest part that they must lift is larger than two of their hands. That is practically like a human having to lift a cinder block. LEGO people are treated in-humanely and we must put a stop to this!

We took this photo earlier this week, and while the model has plenty of police presence represented, Detective Rick Lee is nowhere to be found, which may actually be a realistic... has anyone seen Hipster Cop lately (asking for a friend)?