Rumors that Jay Leno will get his nighttime slot back from Conan O'Brien were confirmed today by NBC. The switch comes after the failure of The Jay Leno Show, a prime-time clone of The Tonight Show which "didn't meet affiliates' needs," according to Jeff Gaspin, chairman of NBC Universal Television Entertainment.

The 10 p.m. experiment's final episode will air on February 12, just before the beginning of the Winter Olympics. But now, with Leno back at 11:30 p.m., NBC's other talk show hosts are playing musical chairs. Will Jimmy Fallon be displaced by Conan O'Brien, or will the current late-night host take over in prime-time? Or, will one of the funny men be out in the cold?

UPDATE: Stereogum's sources say Conan is headed for Fox: "Friend is having brunch now w someone at the Tonight Show who claims it looks like Conan's going to Fox. Take it for what it's worth."