042908smiths.jpgYesterday a Manhattan judge ruled that socialite Tricia Walsh-Smith, the scorned and furious wife of Philip Smith, could continue slandering her husband via YouTube as long as she stopped filming the series in the luxury apartment Smith owns. The 77-year-old president of the Shubert organization is in the midst of a nasty divorce proceeding against Walsh-Smith and, per their prenuptial agreement, is trying to evict her from the Park Avenue residence.

Walsh-Smith, a British-born playwright with striking eyes, made news two weeks ago when she posted her first emotional video on YouTube, during which she revealed embarrassing details about her husband, his family, and called his office to ask his assistant what she should do with his Viagra, condoms and porn movies. (Those items were not seen in the video.)

Over the weekend, Walsh Smith posted this sequel, which, unfortunately, fails to match the aesthetic and narrative triumphs of her original YouTube blockbuster, One More Crazy Day in the Life of a Phoenix Rising from the Ashes. Standing motionless behind a table, Walsh-Smith spends the video bogged down in the dull litigious details of her case, when she should be making more humiliating phone calls to her husband’s office. Still, Son of One More Crazy Day does have its moments, primarily at the three minute mark, when she passionately accuses her husband’s press agents of logging onto YouTube...

... and sending in the most disgusting, disgusting comments, trying to slag me off and slander my name. Shame on you! How dare you? If this was the 16th century what would you have done, put me in the stocks and thrown rotten tomatoes at me? I am speaking my truth! But I did my cards today and look what I pulled: Courage. I will continue speaking my truth.

Outside the courtroom yesterday, Walsh-Smith seemed amazed by all the attention her first YouTube video received: “If I had stabbed [my husband] to death, I don't think it would have got as much press as me going online and saying, ‘My husband never bonks me.’” Hmm, a plot teaser for her next installment in the One More Crazy Day series? Tay tuned to "The OFFICIAL Tricia Walsh-Smith Channel."