If you thought news that Wendi Deng is dating Vladimir Putin would be the only strange story of the day, then you were underestimating just how weird 2016 has been so far. In one of the less likely celebrity/brand team-ups in recent memory, rapper Nas has launched a Ghostbusters-inspired clothing line for all the kids who grew up dreaming of one day wearing beige jumpsuits.

"Ghostbusters is every fun thing you can think of when it comes to the imagination, when you think about supernatural or paranormal activity" he says. "What kid doesn't get inspired or intrigued by ghost stories?"

The Wu-Tang Clan once recommended that you should diversify your bonds, and it sounds like the changing music industry landscape has inspired Nas to diversify his own portfolio by branching out into more ventures like this. We certainly were huge enough Ghostbusters fans as children that it doesn't seem crazy to want one of those black jackets with the "no" symbol.

Anyway, we all probably should have seen this coming, what with Nas rapping on Illmatic, "It drops deep as it does in my breath/ I never sleep, cause sleep is the cousin of death/ Beyond the walls of intelligence, life is defined/ I think of spooky scary ghosts and proton packs and Bill Murray's sarcastic but subdued performance as Peter Venkman when I'm in a New York state of mind."