2006_11_naomicourt.jpgNaomi Campbell may be pleading down to a lesser charge in one of her assault cases. In the case of the March incident where Campbell allegedly beat her housekeeper with a cellphone, Campbell and the Manhattan DA's officer are looking into a plea deal that will satisfy both sides. Her lawyer hopes she'll get community service at an Upper East Side hospital, versus street cleaning in the Lower East Side, a la Boy George. Attorney David Breitbart told reporters:

"It's not that she's squeamish...I haven't even broached it with her...But in my mind, it's purely a security issue. I think it's dangerous, in all candor, to put a female of her celebrity in a public place, surrounded by hundreds of photographers. I have to assume that there are going to be people who say, 'Let's shoot her; let's stab her; let's mug her'... The media circus would far eclipse anything that happened to Boy George.

Breitbart, who admitted to the NY Times that he's making quite a living off defending the supermodel, added, "Naomi's life is devoted to community service [charity work for the poor, cancer research, etc.]. She does it willingly. That's why it's so upsetting that she is being demonized, almost, without a hearing in court."

And regarding how the lawyer, representing another of Campbell's maids in a lawsuit, called Campbell a "violent super-bigot," Breitbart said, "I'm so frustrated that a lawyer would use terms like that. thought we learned in law school not to call people names." Yeah, Breitbart is totally earning his fee.

Campbell will head back to court in January to find out her fate. We are sure that every single tabloid editor and paparazzi photographer is praying for outdoors community service.

Photograph of Naomi Campbell leaving Manhattan Criminal Court by Louis Lanzano/AP