2007_03_naomic.jpgLet this be a lesson to all of you aspiring bad-tempered models! Before you try to throw a bedazzled cellphone at your hired help, realize that you might be sentenced to hard labor by a NYC judge! And by hard labor, we mean, "hard" for a bratty supermodel.

Naomi Campbell, who pleaded guilty to lesser charges in the cellphone assault of her housekeeper, will mopping the floors at a Department of Sanitation warehouse on the Lower East Side starting March 19. The punishment will be indoors, away from the telephoto lenses of the paparazzi, unlike Boy George who had to pick up trash in the heat of last summer and the glare of camera flashes.

A Department of Sanitation porter tells the Post, "She'll have to wear a safety vest, and gloves and boots, because you could step on nails and glass. But they're going to take good care of her. They don't want a lawsuit on their hand." Yeah, because the DOS knows what happens when Campbell gets angry!

Campbell still needs to take two anger management classes by May. And for the curious who want to catch a glimpse of a chauffeured car, the warehouse is at PIer 36, on Montgomery and South Streets. Finally, here's a great photograph a reader took of Boy George performing his community service.