0805nameglaapagos.jpgMatt Roff & Co. decided not to name their new venue Natural Selection after all...so as Galapagos moves to DUMBO, the space is going to need a moniker that'll stick. And now the naming duties have been handed down to you with their Name Our Space contest.

If you win, you'll get to christen the place with a $1000 bar tab (that's like 160 drinks), and you'll get free admission, along with a guest, for a year.

Something to keep in mind: the space will likely be staying the same aside from a few changes (better audio, no puppet shows). So think while you drink, Roff tells us the venue is re-opening "very soon."

For more info on the contest go here, and they also currently have a website up for the venue at 70 North 6th, the address.