Outside of Starbucks on Pine Street this morning. (Photo by Joshua Hirsch)

If you saw some naked people this morning it might be refreshing to know it wasn't for an ad campaign—instead, it was for art. Artist Zefrey Throwell got 50 people together around Wall Street, all to impersonate different occupations in that area—and for a few moments, they got naked for their work. Videos and photos of Throwell's Ocularpation: Wall Street project have been surfacing (send your our way!), as reports come in that at least a few participants were detained for their roles in it.

The NY Times reports that just after 7 a.m., police detained three people involved—they were dressed (or not dressed) as a dog walker, a janitor, and a stock broker. (At press time, there have been no reports of any participants playing the role of Sad Panda.)

Throwell says he wanted "to expose the realities of working on the nation’s financial artery as a commentary on the state of the economy." Which is definitely where people's minds naturally go when they see naked ladies.