Andres du Bouchet’s regular gig is that of Boliviguayan Entertainer of the Year Francisco Guglioni, MC of Giant Tuesday Night of Amazing Inventions and Also There is a Game!!! at Rififi. But beneath that vague mask of South American host con el most there is a real person. A man. With stories to tell. In the form of a one-man show.
Tonight is the last night to see his show of assorted monologues entitled Naked Trampoline Hamlet (and other monologues), at St. Marks Theatre [94 St. Marks Place] at 8pm. Tickets $10, available at SmartTix or the door.

There has been plenty of fodder for political humor lately, Harriet Miers’ nomination, FEMA, Bill Frist’s overall existence. Gothamist has faith that Laughing Liberally, at The Tank [The Tank @ Chashama, 208 w. 37th Street] will tackle all those issues and then some. The show features Eugene Mirman and Maysoon Zayid and is hosted by Katie Halper. And before anyone gets bent out of shape that our politics cloud our own objective comedy listing sensibilities, we gladly invite anyone who happens to be hosting Laughing Conservatively to submit their show. Laughing Liberally, Friday at 8pm ($7), followed by Rocking Liberally at 10pm.

2005_10_arts_hottub.jpgAlso on Friday at 9:30pm, weekly variety show Hot Tub welcomes actor AD Miles (The Baxter, Wet Hot American Summer, Stella), comedian Nick Kroll (also known for one round of the U.S. Open as Andy Roddick’s Mojo), and a film by Guile. Hot Tub host Kristen Schaal was just listed as one of the Top 10 Funniest New Yorkers You’ve Never Heard Of but we’ve been saying that all along. Kurt Braunohler, the man behind the mythical Chengwin co-hosts. Hot Tub @ The PIT [154 w. 29th St.], 9:30pm.