Don't tell the Naked Cowboy to "go back to Ohio," because someone in his hometown of Greenhills doesn't want him back. Reportedly a mayoral candidate there, Pat Andwan, is urging city council members to protest Robert Burck's performance at the Greenhills Summer Festival tomorrow, saying "it's an inappropriate venue for a man who wears only underwear." She called his behavior both "indecent" and "deviant." But the current Mayor, Oscar Hoffman, told the Cincinnati Enquirer, "I have no problem with the Naked Cowboy. Nobody on council has a problem with it. He doesn't do anything immoral. It's just a catchy name." Burck plans to go on with the show as planned; he added that Andwan was a "lunatic," but from his experience he's also "aware there are people out there who are not underwear-friendly."