2008_07_nakedcow.jpgThe Naked Cowboy has been temporarily shaking his tighty-whiteys over on the west coast, and The NY Post reports that he got arrested for doing so! Reportedly he was busted in San Fransisco's Union Square for being in a restricted area. Who knew San Francisco would be so opposed to a nearly naked man, especially on the day of the Up Your Alley Fair? The arresting officers didn't realize this was the Naked Cowboy at first, but once they did, it didn't stop them from cuffing him. He told The Post that the cops laughed nonstop, "They're laughing hysterically because there's this guy in his underwear. Then they were like, 'Oh, that's the Naked Cowboy.'" In the end he was given a citation for "violating a posted sign," and is due in court today.