Temperatures are expected to dip down into the high 80s on Sunday, but despite the cold snap, a group of brave cyclists is determined to take off their clothes and ride around town. And so it comes to pass that the Naked Bike Ride that was cancelled back in June (because bikers didn't want to get their birthday suits wet) will happen on Sunday afternoon. According to World Naked Bike Ride representatives, the fun will start at 4 p.m. at East River Park near Houston Street, followed by an after-party in (where else?) Williamsburg, at the Time's Up! Brooklyn HQ at 99 South 6th Street.

The stated purpose of all this is to "demonstrate the vulnerability of cyclists on the road and is a protest against car culture." Besides the revolting site of sweaty flesh sticking to bicycle seats, we're told you can also expect to hear chants such as “More Nudes, No Nukes!!!” and
“More Ass, Less Gas!!” One participant described the Naked Bike Ride (which, to be honest, features mostly half-naked cyclists) as "the most liberating experience ever."