With June Gloom in full effect, New Yorkers had to bring their own sunshine to the city's inaugural spin as part of World Naked Bike Day. Around 40 riders came out and made their way around Manhattan yesterday, most not going completely buff as they cycled in support of more room for bikes on city streets. One 19-year-old told the News, "I figure it's the craziest thing I'll do in my life. My parents are going to kill me."

No arrests were made as the cyclists rode into Union Square, through Times Square and made their way into Central Park. One rider, only in body paint, quickly put on his boxer briefs when cops threatened to add handcuffs to his body paint-only look. The News found one hater, a 27-year-old Astoria man well on his way to a life of scoffing at weird sights around the city. He told them, "These guys are idiots, clowning around, holding up traffic."

The ride took part in tandem with naked bike rides in city's around the world yesterday. One 44-year-old man up from DC told a reporter, "I never have before except in my basement to see if it even is possible. I'm happy to say that it is.