"Naked and Afraid" is no longer just your standard Monday evening—it's also a new reality show on Discovery Channel!

The premise is bare bones: Each week, two strangers—one man and one woman, for max mud-covered sexual tension—are plunked in some remote land for 21 days. There, they must fight for food, shelter and warmth, all while trying to bashfully cover their wobbly bits.

ABC's Linsey Davis describes the show as"Au naturel in nature," a phrase she must have waited her entire professional life to say. She goes on: "This is not your grandpa's reality survival series." Linsey Davis is having the best morning ever.

The contestants, all "experienced survivalists," compete only against the elements, with nary a prize to look forward to at the end. "Think Adam and Eve meets Survivor meets Castaway, with maybe a little Blair Witch Project mixed in," Davis says, rattling off every recorded instance in which someone struggles to build a fire. What about The Road meets Sleepless in Seattle? Resident Evil meets Mystic Pizza meets Schindler's List? Why don't we throw darts at a big map of every movie title of all time, force all the characters to disrobe, and make a reality show out of that? You know you'd watch Naked Resident Pizza's List. You know you would.

Critics will undoubtedly argue that tossing two people into the jungle and allowing America to watch as they bludgeon venomous snakes in the buff pushes the bounds of good taste, but actually, the producers showed remarkable restraint by not making it a dating show called "Naked, Afraid and Single." (TLC: I will take my advance in cash. Thank you.)

The new show premieres on Discovery Channel on Sunday.