Nada Surf at Southpaw

Ticket to SouthpawGothamist went to see Nada Surf at Southpaw last night. They mainly played songs from their wonderful (rocking, but with a pop sensibility) Let Go for a good ninety minutes until 1:20AM. For Gothamist, one highlight was when they broke into Joy Division's Love Will Tear Us Apart - lead singer-guitarist Matthew Caws does a spookily effective Ian Curtis, which then brought to mind that Caws' dancing style was Ian-Curtis-meets-Beck. Sorta (see 24 Hour Party People to get a sense of Curtis' dancing style). As Southpaw patrons know, the venue allows for intimate enjoyment of the music as well as excellent photo coverage(at least five people in Gothamist's immediate vicinity had digital cameras).

On a "quality of life" note, while smoking is no longer allowed in clubs, bassist Daniel Lorca must have gone through a pack of cigarettes before Southpaw management told him to stop.

Daniel LorcaIra ElliotMatthew Caws