2005_03_poncho.jpgDuring her "I'm back and I've changed" speech, Martha Stewart revealed her post-prison poncho was made by a fellow inmate:

"This was made by a friend of mine, a wonderful lady. The yarn came from the commissary. The night before I left, she handed me this - not wrapped, because there is no wrapping paper - and she said, 'Wear it in good health.'...We'll try to get the pattern from her."

The no wrapping paper thing must have really freaked Martha out. Stewart also mentioned that she liked technology and thought that gadgets like PDAs and cellphones could make people's lives better, which Gothamist takes as "Tech advertisers who are looking to target women - advertise in my magazines!" Anyway, in the NY Times article, a law professor says that usually the phase of being excited to be free again is followed by a phase of depression. That should make some interesting TV.

Gothamist actually hopes that the online store (and we're not talking the KMart stuff, which is also pretty good) opens again on MarthaStewart.com. That also reminds us - KMart is probably rushing to capitalize on the new post-prison Martha with a new commercial. And there will be a live chat with Martha coming soon.

Photo from Reuters