Have you seen the tiny 4-foot high doors on Dennet Place, the one-block stretch in Carroll Gardens? (Hint: If you've seen Spider-Man III you have.) Brooklyn Based takes a stab at unlocking the mystery behind what locals call the "hobbit doors" (though we all know hobbit doors are rounded!), but in the end can only enlighten us about the people who have held their keys. (In the past, Forgotten-NY has also wondered about the short doors.)

Many of the families that are there now have lived there for decades, but can provide no insight into their quirky doors. While no architectural explanation was found, they did discover some of the personal history, and that there were actually retail shops behind the doors at one point. One man even built a plane behind one of them, and was unable to get it out upon completion!

Last year it was noted that "Historically, we know that homes built back in the 1700's typically had smaller interior doors.. but these 2-to-4-story homes were built in the late 1800's." Any ideas as to why these doors are so small?