North Brother Island doesn't need sirens calling us to its shore, that the 13-acre island in the East River is closed to the public (and holds a lot of dark history) is intriguing enough to draw explorers there. Recently, one curious kayaker took a look around the shoreline of the island, and spotted a... is this an art installation of some kind? Our tipster, Jamie Roderick, writes:

"I spent the day yesterday kayaking around North Brother Island. As I paddled around the southern edge something caught my eye... maybe nothing special but to me it stood out as a unique art installation at the edge of the water. It is simply an old television and a chair set up. Were these objects found on the island? Who will get to see this in such a remote location? Who is the artist and what is their message?"

The island is under the jurisdiction of the Parks Department, and we reached out to them for comment. But we think they'll agree that while the "artist" was likely working with found objects, this would work a lot better if that chair had more of an Archie Bunker aesthetic.