Hey, remember when New York was littered with drive-in movie theaters? Yeah, neither do we, because it was about 60 years ago, but take heart, nostalgia-loving cinephiles. You, too, can experience the glory of an old-fashioned drive-in, but with a modern-day twist: bikes!

The brothers behind movie-obsessed based supper club Forking Tasty (they throw monthly "dinema supperclubs," natch) are organizing a fun-sounding, if slightly mysterious bike-in theater, sometime very soon! (The Greenpointers are saying it's May 14th.) The brothers are currently teasing out the rest of the information:

  • You will have to ride, walk or skip to the location which will be in Brooklyn, no more than 6 blocks from a subway line.
  • We will be providing delicious snacks but not a full dinner as we usually do. Unfortunately logistics and public safety hinder a full dinner spread at an event like this. Although, perhaps in the near future a Ride-In-Dinner-Theater could be born.
  • We will not provide a seat. Your bike will do that for us.
  • Bring a friend or two because it’s our first free, unlimited seat event.

You'll have to sign up on the Forking Tasty website for more info. In the meantime, below is a look at a few of our favorite reel cyclists. Brokelyn